Helping Businesses Connect Better Services


Connected Language Services was founded on a simple business premise: to provide language solutions with the highest quality of service for effective communication at a cost that accommodates to your budget. Our translation team is comprised of in-house and freelance linguists, translators, proofreaders, translation quality assurance managers, and web programmers with a solid professional background.  Our goal is not to just translate words but capture and convey the meaning to your target audience.


Connected Language Services is your partner every step of the way. Whether you are hosting an international conference, board meeting, deposition, or interview, our experienced and professional interpreters are ready to help you. We offer a full range of language services with innovative technology, over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) and video remote interpretation (VRI), bringing providers and people together in more than 300 languages.  


Connected Language Services does more than translate words. We translate meaning. "Transcreation" is the process of adapting creative messages and content for other languages and cultures while staying true to original brand concepts.


Connected Language Services provides professional audio and video transcription services to translate your foreign language recording into English. Our team of experts will accurately transcribe your entire recording and then translate it into English and deliver the translation to you in the format of your choice.